Today, an estimated 460,000 veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan war alone, struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). These conditions can lead to sleeplessness, depression, anger, anxiety and isolation. While these feelings can be overwhelmingly difficult, they are treatable, but so many continue to suffer in silence. Each day, in the world’s greatest nation, 22 of our heroes will take their own lives.

The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation's goal is to reduce that statistic from “22 to Zero”.


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The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation Fundraiser was created in partnership with the PetVibe App to provide our supporters an easy way to raise supplementary funds for our cause. By participating in this free program, your regular day-to-day purchases can tremendously help our mission.



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Patriotic Service Dog Foundation Perks


✓ Access to the online marketplace and/or the free browser extension
✓ Thousands of stores, millions of products
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✓ Up to 25% of the value of your day-to-day purchases will go to support our cause!

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Sign up through PetVibe!


1. Download the PetVibe App

To get started, download the free PetVibe App from the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about PetVibe, click here


2. Use Referral Code

Please be sure to include the referral code “Patriotic Service Dog Foundation” upon creating your free account on PetVibe. This will ensure that your support reaches us!


3. Thank You!

Thank you for your support! You can now enjoy a community of pet lovers and hundreds of discount codes while knowing that your participation contributes to our cause.



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